Auto Detailing


Auto detailing is a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning of both the exterior and the interior of a car using specialized tools, products, and professional skills. The aim of car detailing is to restore the car’s original aesthetic appeal, and to protect delicate components and features from aesthetic wear.


Looks new, smells fresh.

With so much of our time spent inside of a car, make sure yours is clean with our interior detailing. Car interiors are riddled with small cracks and crevices that become dirty over time. With our interior detailing not an inch is left untouched. It is our goal to deliver a car as clean and fresh as it was when new. 

A dirty interior can develop bad odours and a stuffy atmosphere, which could compromise the control operations and overall driving experience. Therefore, a lot of work goes into interior car detailing. The first step includes a thorough vacuuming of the seats, carpets, trim, and the trunk area. Carpets are then cleaned and scrubbed to remove dried in stains and blemishes. The interior of the glass is cleaned to a sparkling, clear finish. Any leather trimming is wet-washed and conditioned to that soft leathery texture. Hard to reach areas like air vents and button rims are cleaned using specialised brushes and solvents. Finally, the entire cabin is re-vacuumed and wiped to remove any last traces of dirt and splashes. A perfume or deodorant is spayed so give the interior a fresh scent.


Drive with pride

We offer a variety of details from routine maintenance to full paint correction. No job is too big or too small and we take pride in using the very best products and proper techniques to ensure every car is done right. Before leaving, every car is thoroughly inspected to maintain the highest quality of work.

Exterior detailing begins with an exhaustive wash of the car’s body, the wheels, mirrors, windows and external lamps. The dirt gathered on the car is removed. The paint is polished to restore the colour to its original shine. Finally, the paint is waxed to give it a protective sealant and maintain the glossy look. The entire process removes small visible dents, stains and scratches on the bodywork and wheels.

You can expect the interior and exterior of your car to look as good as new after car detailing, and some of the additional benefits include:

  • It restores paintwork condition

  • It raises the resale value of the car

  • Interior detailing restores comfort

  • It helps maintain your car irrespective of weather conditions.

We offer a range of comprehensive services, completely restoring and in many cases exceeding the original condition of the surface of your car, working with extreme care and attention on all the details, including windows, wheels, tires, trim and any visible areas. We truly take pride in our work, and treat every single vehicle as if it was our own.